Still canada goose outlet uk sale no moose

Still canada goose outlet uk sale no moose


Lessons learned from motel owners

Canada Goose sale In the late afternoon of June 30, Steve Wilson and canada goose outlet ontario I were driving downhill on a winding little road in west central Idaho, looking for a small place named Chocolet, a lakeside town that seemed from the map to hold charming views. We planned to hole up there for the night, if it looked OK. Somewhere we failed to see a sign (there weren’t many around), and the next thing we knew, we were in St. Marie. custodia iphone 6 mobilyos Canada Goose sale

canada goose coats It was a bigger town than many we’d seen. (On our map, it was represented by a black dot inside a circle, indicating a town of some size.) canada goose outlet official There was a main street, maybe two dozen stores, with at least six intersections. One of the first things we came to was a motel, and as it was about 6 PM, we decided to get a room for the night. The parking lot of the motel was empty, so we knew we’d have no trouble. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet “Summer’s when all the utility crews come to do their work, fixing up what got canada goose outlet store montreal knocked down or damaged in the winter,” she said. “Place is pretty well booked up for the next couple of months. They’re probably all out drinking beer.” We grabbed the room, lest some sleepy trucker barge in to claim the last spot. Anywhere around here you’d recommend to eat? I asked. canada goose outlet uk fake (I’ve been making it a point on my whole journey to eat only at local restaurants west of the Allegheny River, they all seem to be called ‘family style restaurants’) Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale The motel clerk (she turns out to canada goose outlet winnipeg have been the owner ["kicked my no good husband out years ago."]) said there were a couple of ‘family restaurants’ in the area, but canada goose outlet canada the best one was Big Eddy’s, about a half hour drive along the river. custodia yoowei iphone 6s “They’ve got elk steak and beer and it’s where all of us go. It’s real good. I’ll call for you, see how late they’re open,” she said. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose store We made the drive, and it canada goose outlet store calgary was beautiful. At exactly the mile marker she mentioned (people in small communities give mile markers as directions, making it pretty easy to find where you’re going), there was Big Eddy’s. custodia cellulare iphone 6 tasche There, too, canada goose outlet in uk was the mosquito population of central Idaho. Nonetheless, we elected to eat outdoors, especially since the tattooed female wrestler who waited on us said they’d seen a moose drinking in the canada goose factory outlet vancouver lake just a few minutes before. We hadn’t yet canada goose vest outlet seen a moose on our travels, so this was irresistible. Fish jumped in the lake, wrens swarmed overhead and under the deck we were sitting on, Steve swears he saw an egret floating above us, a deer hopped off into the brush on a nearby island in the lake, and the neighborhood mosquitos and all their friends moved in for some tasty new blood. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket Steve and I ordered elk steak, despite our misgivings at eating meat of such an elegant and graceful creature. It was submerged under some kind of goo masquerading as ‘elk gravy,’ and was served piping warm with canned and limp string beans and some kind of mystery canada goose outlet michigan pudding that tasted like turkey stuffing, but not very. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance Steve had a beer called Moose Drool, in honor of the possible sighting, I thought. That, and an Idaho brew called Flat Tire, were the only two brands Steve would drink in Idaho. (I still can’t get over the names.) I ordered cranberry juice. “You mind cranberry mixed with something?” our waitress threatened. “Anything you got,” I said warily. A minute or two later, she plunked canada goose outlet in chicago a bottle of cranberry, raspberry and strawberry juice in front of me. “Everybody likes that,” she directed. canada goose clearance

cheap Canada Goose We kept eyes out for the moose. “He might be down to the water anytime now,” our undershirted waitress told us. “Keep looking over there.” I made a run back to our van to get the mosquito repellent, which we slathered all over ourselves, and instantly became more comfortable. Still canada goose outlet uk sale no moose. The canada goose outlet waitress offered canada goose jacket outlet uk (by way of an excuse we thought): “Rich guy likes to come here to fish. Lands over there on that little island in his own damn helicopter. See that clearing? Makes so much noise, scares anything in sight or sound. custodia militare iphone 5s He’ll probably come up tomorrow.” cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap We surmised that canada goose outlet england the moose might have been hiding out, in anticipation. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Jackets “So how’d you like the steaks?” she ordered. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose deals But here’s the lesson, long in coming: be very wary of a motel canada goose outlet boston owner’s canada goose outlet online or clerk’s advice on where to eat when you’re in an unfamiliar place. What they like, you canada goose outlet belgium might not. And having taken the advice canada goose parka uk of more than 15 motel clerks on my travels, I can attest that either they’re geting kickbacks from the places they recommend, or their tastes in food are wildly canada goose outlet in usa different from mine. (I don’t come equipped with exotic tastes, even though I’ve lived in New York City for about 25 years. custodia iphone slim I’m pretty much a burger and coffee kind of guy, but it has to be a good burger and fresh, strong coffee. custodia iphone 7 plus mood Steve points out that most of the coffee we got was brown water.) That advice also extends to gas station attendants and road workers. The best ‘where to eat’ advice I have received on this trip so far was from the canada goose outlet online reviews lovely curator of the Allen County Historical Society in Lima, Ohio.