Her father, as a rector, was regarded as a ‘gentleman’

Her father, as a rector, was regarded as a ‘gentleman’


Beau Brummell

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canada goose coats Vanity and pride are different canada goose outlet ontario things, though the words are often used synonymouslypride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, 1811 canada goose coats

William Hallett and Elizabeth Stephen by Thomas Gainsborough, courtesy canada goose coats uk National canada goose outlet black friday sale Gallery at London

buy canada goose jacket By the close of the eighteenth century archaeological investigations in Europe and Egypt were revealing canada goose outlet near me more and more about the ‘antique’ past. custodia iphone 6s usa This revelation began changing the social and moral values and concerns of the many English, American and European societies who were all now ardently in search of truth. custodia iphone bici The scenes of this extraordinary era were well recorded by many talented painters and sculptors of the day. In England this included the renowned painter Thomas Gainsborough. buy canada goose jacket

In 1785, when Jane Austen was just 10 years old, he captured William Hallett and Elizabeth Stephen stepping out in style together for a morning walk. They were an elegant young couple, both 21 years of age and bound by their social status and the rules it imposed. They were due to be married in the summer of 1785.

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Canada Goose Outlet Cassandra portrait of her sister, Jane Austen. The seventh child and second daughter canada goose outlet factory of a scholar clergyman and rector of the small country parishes of Steventon and Deane, Jane Austen’s family were members of the wealthy merchant https://www.topparka.ca class on her father’s side and aristocrats on her mother’s side. She was brought up in a country rectory and was, from contemporary descriptions, without pretension, her demeanour more ‘in a homely rather than grand manner’. While her older brothers hunted and shot game her mother industriously managed a small herd of cows, a dairy and, as a woman of sensibility and of some station in life, looked to the wellbeing of the local poor. Her father, as a rector, was regarded as a ‘gentleman’. He was an affable, courteous man welcomed by all the local landed canada goose outlet toronto location gentry, and their well off tenants, as was her brother Edward, who just happened to be the heir to his cousin Mr. Thomas Knight’s estates. This meant Jane was able to move comfortably canada goose womens outlet out and about in society and become a respectable observer in the luxurious world of the leisured classes. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online It seems that her family more than likely fell into a category of middling people, a term coined by literary wit and social commentator Horace Walpole on his return from the continent in 1741 canada goose outlet authentic “I have before discovered that there was nowhere but in England the distinction of being middling people. I perceive now that there is peculiar to us middling houses; how snug they canada goose outlet online uk are” The country gentry actively supported the ruling and upper classes by cultivating an ambience of politeness, a keen, though delicate sensibility, which was always balanced by displaying a great deal of practical common sense. Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale Their gentrification was reflected in how they dressed, dined, performed and were entertained, in a selection of social settings. They rotated from the socially competitive atmosphere of London’s elegant drawing rooms to the cheerful gaiety of Bath’s assembly’s room and they also enjoyed the more robust attractions of popular coastal resorts like Brighton, which were after 1792 was also frequented by the Prince Regent and his entourage. canada goose black friday sale

They strove for aesthetic perfection urged on by their awareness of the ‘antique’, while striving to emulate the ideal classical perfection, The classical ideal had flowed over into the landscape during the eighteenth century and small temples originally designed as refuges from the hot Mediterranean sun, became focal points of beauty.

Canada Goose Parka View of the Hall at Horace Walpole Strawberry Hill 1788 Watercolour by John Carte Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store At the time of canada goose outlet online store review Jane’s birth Horace Walpole, for whom literacy mattered, was using decorative ornament inspired by a literary and pictorial interest in Gothic architecture at his house Strawberry Hill. custodia iphone macchina fotografica canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket cheap He and his peers benchmarked standards for excellence in taste and style well recognised by Jane and the burgeoning middle classes, who wished to emulate them. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Horry took what he liked and used it the way he wanted and his canada goose jacket outlet uk character seemingly enjoyed total satisfaction by ‘imprinting the gloomth of abbeys and cathedrals on one’s house.’

Canada Goose sale Jane’s brother Edward Austen Knight eventually inherited the very gentrified Godmersham Park in Kent and two of her other brother’s Francis and Charles had distinguished careers in the British navy. custodia antipolvere iphone 6 Francis received a knighthood and the much coveted order of Bath and Jane’s brother Charles bought topaz crosses for his two sisters, going without to purchase them. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket In the Christian understanding perfect love makes no demands and seeks nothing for itself, and this was the quality of the people that abounded in so many of the characters in Jane Austen’s life and in her novels. Jane enjoyed what she herself called ‘life a la Godmersham”. custodia iphone 6 46 canadian goose jacket

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canada goose Her brothers hunted in Edward’s park, played billiards and entertained in a style that amused Jane. Writing from Godmersham in 1813 she commented “at this present time I have five tables, eight and twenty chairs and two fires all to myself”. canada goose

canada goose clearance The Royal navy were winning great victories on the continent at the time. For the Canada Goose Outlet leisured classes in Jane’s novels the war was something that happened in the newspapers or far out at sea.